Chapter 593: The Finale  

Earth, Solar System.

Somewhere within a forest park at the center of Hope City, an ancient tree stood tall, dark, and quiet. Quite a few tourists were slowly walking along the forest trails in search of hidden secrets, and occasionally initiated small talks with each other.

Concurrently, in a remote location of the forest, a mysterious flight object landed. A humanoid figure instantly materialized out of thin air followed by a huge amount of dirt that vaporized where the figure stood.

After moving his body briefly and looking around the environment with a cold-eyed stare; he quickly walked on the trails of the forest.

A couple was flirting with each other in a low voice but when they lifted up their head they were suddenly met with another person. They quickly smiled and apologized for their carelessness but that person did not even look at the both of them as he walked away.


The pretty lady immediately said, "That person is extremely rude!"

After not getting any response from her partner, and she asked as he frowned, "What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re thinking about work right now? You don’t always get a rest day, can’t you just sit back and relax?"

"No! This isn’t about my work, don’t you feel that the person just now looked awfully familiar?" the young man regained himself and replied.

"Eh, now that you mention it, he does look somewhat familiar..." that pretty lady replied in shock, "I definitely saw that face somewhere before!"

At this moment, both of them looked at each other in the eye in surprise and yelled.

"President Luo!"


"Quick, search the net!"

With curiosity in mind, both of them logged into the internet and very quickly found a picture of President Luo. Unfortunately, what they found was not a picture of President Luo but were portraits and sculptures of his.

"He’s only a 60 to 70 percent lookalike, President Luo’s forehead was much wider. He had the quality of a leader. Look at this artwork where President Luo led the desperate humans to rebuild their civilization. Only the quality of both individuals is big enough of a difference. Looking like this, he would definitely taint the namesake of President Luo," the lady said in disdain.


The mysterious person went through a space-folding door and walked into the park. He then looked into the capital district and finally, a different shade could be seen in his eyes.

The entire capital district’s dimension had been stretched and extended indefinitely. Just the surface area of the capital district alone had already exceeded the surface area of planet earth. With the vast adoption of the spatial folding technique, standard commuting methods had become completely obsolete.


At the same time, a dark energy harvesting technique had replaced low-efficient nuclear fusion.

He could vividly feel the entire city’s exceedingly high amount of energy expenditure at each and every passing moment, causing him to feel that he was not standing on the surface of the planet he once knew, but on the sun’s core.

However, as someone who had managed to assault the home-base of the Pangurians, all these only sparked a little of his attention.

Compared to the Pangurians who relocated their entire civilization into the fourth dimension and also managed to complete a four-dimensional warfleet, the earth was not too far behind. Ever since the humans took hold of Pangurian technology, the giant gap between the both civilizations’ technological differences grew within only about two thousand years but yet, it was still not something that could be closed in such a small time frame.

Even so, it was more than enough to look down upon the entire galaxy.

While this mysterious person scouted the human capital city, who would have guessed that at that moment, a number of three-meter-tall armored police robots with glowing red eyes would suddenly descend from the air and encircled this mysterious person.

"Warning! Warning! Intruder, drop your guard! You’re are under arrest!"

The nearby pedestrians quickly evacuated in every direction after witnessing the situation.

They were a silvery white robot that did not have any gaps or defects. Even on their articular joints, the robots were seamless. However, they were definitely not made of liquid metal but instead, a form of high-tensile critical metal with dark energy supplying it with immense power. This metal had hardness thousands of times tougher than a diamond’s but it could still move its joints in a natural way.

Without a question, that mysterious person was Luo Yuan. To be precise, he was Luo Yuan’s insignificant clone. Compared to his true self that had completely entered the fourth dimension, this clone’s body was just that of a normal human being’s. With an average human’s brain, the only difference was that the clone’s willpower was slightly more powerful than that of an average human.

Even he himself did not expect that he would be discovered almost right away after arriving.

However, after he gave himself a little thought, it was obvious.

As the human’s home base, it was natural to have an extreme amount of surveillance along with detection facilities for of all sorts of dimensional and energy changes.

When he arrived, it seemed that there was not much activity since there was a limited range he affected when he arrived. However, just like an insect that had been caught by a spider web or a droplet that fell into a calm lake, all of these would easily set off a chain reaction. Those reactions were more than enough to allow a sensitive detection system to detect them if something went wrong.

Also, with the omnipresence of the A.I. surveillance system, a mysterious intruder like him, would naturally have nowhere to hide once he was screened by the system.

"Warning! Warning! Intruder, drop your guard! You’re under arrest!" The amount of robot police that descended increased as time passed, and had slowly surrounded him.

After witnessing that the activity in the area becoming overbearing, Luo Yuan could not help himself but sigh before he quickly raised his hands.

With his power, he could easily resolve this trouble he was facing, not to mention his true self in the fourth dimension... Even if he held back and only used a trillionth of his power, it would still be more than enough to instantly rearrange the entire city’s A.I. surveillance system records along with everyone’s memory.

However, the radiation brought by a dimensional descent would also cause the death of a large number of bystanders.


"Which civilization are you from?"

Outside of the quarantine room that could withstand the blast of a nuclear bomb, a few high-level officers from the police department had looked into the intruder. All of them had grim looks on their faces; this event had shaken the higher ups. As the overlord of the galaxy, the earth had actually been invaded by a mysterious figure! This news was preposterous, and it was crucial for them to find the truth.

"Human..." Luo Yuan sat within the quarantine room and replied calmly.

"Be honest with me, no need to resist us. Although your disguise is extremely good, we’ve already found the clues, there’s nothing we can’t do within this galaxy even if you had the body of a human."

Luo Yuan maintained his poker face.

That police continued his intimidation and asked, "Name?"

"Luo Yuan!"

"Shut Up!"


"You dare to mock President Luo? Let me make this clear for you, that is an act of war with the humans!"


A few of the higher-ups in the police department instantly got angry even if there was not much anger within their heart. This was mainly for political correctness as they had to be united against the enemy.

Currently, the image of Luo Yuan had long been engraved in the minds of humans as a legend. From pre-school to primary school, from primary to lower-secondary school, and from lower-secondary to upper-secondary school, everyone grew up with the legacy and story of Luo Yuan.

It was obvious from some statistics along these two thousand years that the Human Empire made about five thousand movies where Luo Yuan was the main protagonist. This translated to roughly two movies every year.

As for the portrait of Luo Yuan, a whopping 100 million units were dispersed to every government administrative department, scientific research institution, academic institution, and various museums.

His sculptures numbered more than a million. Basically, there would be more than one Luo Yuan sculpture within every city.

With that kind of terrifying influence, mocking Luo Yuan was as if you were taunting the entire Human Empire.


In the morning of the second day, within the office of the Human Empire’s President Luo Yaozu, a phone call from the police department suddenly came.

"What! Disappeared?"

"How do you people do such a thing?"

"Search the grounds again! Give me a full-scale search again!"


Luo Yaozu slammed the phone down in anger, and then swiftly made a few phone calls to the military. The humans had already begun their control of the entire galaxy, not to mention their home base — the Solar System. He could not believe that there was actually a living being that could do whatever he pleased.

’Did he think that this was a public toilet?’

Luo Yaozu sat for a while and calmed his head before he opened the video of the mysterious man. As he watched, his face gradually become grim since this intruder managed to outsmart the extreme surveillance of the humans and disappear. The only thing left within the quarantine room was a mass with a jumbled quantum state.

Luo Yaozu paid no mind to the life or death of the intruder. After all, he was more worried about the civilization behind him, if every individual was just like that intruder, he was afraid that the humans would finally meet their rival. Even if their technology was weaker than that of the humans, they would be extremely difficult to deal with that ability alone.

He repeatedly watched the video multiple times and discovered that this intruder had remained calm while donning a poker face throughout the entire process. Not even a single emotion could be seen on his face. This caused Luo Yaozu to feel as if that person was not imprisoned, but was instead more like some sort of transcendental object that was overlooking all beings like a god — omnipresent and independent!

That expression...

Those features...

Suddenly, Luo Yaozu noticed something. He locked his sight onto the intruder to look carefully, and immediately, a shiver went down his spine, reverberating throughout his body.

His brain subconsciously brought up a section of the last night’s interrogation video.

"Which civilization are you from?"



"Luo Yuan!"

The first time he heard that reply, there was anger all over his face.

However, there was currently a slight shiver overwhelming his body that even his scalp was somewhat numb from the chill.


"This... This is impossible!"

He quickly stood up and immediately searched his family collection for an ancient video clip. It was a video of a three-person family going for an outing at an ancient virtual reality world.

A male figure, that looked exactly like the one in the interrogation video, could be distinguished in it. He carried a faint smile as he looked at a little boy that was politely and respectfully delivering food to him.

That little boy was no other than Luo Yaozu’s second generation ancestor!

While this man... What was the origin of his surname...

"Great...Great ancestor!" He could not help himself as he shouted. He then proceeded to slap his cheeks with all his might while donning a look of death on his face.

Even in his craziest dreams, he would have never thought that there would be one day where he would lock his ancestor up!