Chapter 510: The Truth of the World

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Li Yu’s heart raced as he looked at the baby in Kunlun Mountain’s Divine Pool. He felt that all his questions were about to be answered.

However, when the answer was right in front of him, he suddenly hesitated. He even felt inexplicably afraid, as if he was afraid of obtaining the answer and learning the truth.

The feeling was complicated. It was as if two different voices were arguing in his heart, and two different powers were entangled in his body.

As Li Yu hesitated, the scene in front of him began to become illusory, as if all of this existed from his obsession.

If his obsession wavered, the scene in front of him would disappear.


Didn’t I search for so long to find the answer? If I give up now, I might never find this place again!

Li Yu looked at the baby and his appearance when he first arrived in this world, and he began to appraise it again.

He wanted to understand everything. He wanted to know what had happened to him and his father and how he had arrived in this world.

After confirming his thoughts, Li Yu flew towards the Divine Pool and the baby.

In an instant, the baby looked at him. The two of them looked at each other.

Suddenly, he felt that he had become that baby. He saw himself flying over from afar, and he was a little confused but felt a resonance.



Just as Li Yu flew in front of the baby, everything around him instantly turned into bubbles that transformed into data formed by 0 and 1 that filled the sky. It transformed into countless information and images that instantly surged into Li Yu’s mind.

“Little kid, what’s your mother’s name?”

“My mother’s name is Gu Caiwei! But my mother isn’t home!”

“Where did she go?”

“Dad said that she went to another world, a world without illness and sorrow!”


“…Hmm, um… what’s your father’s name? Ask him to come!”

“My father’s name is Li Qingyun. He’s a very powerful engineer. He’s researching a technology that can change the future and the era, so he’s especially busy with work and is often away from home…”

“When Dad was young, he especially liked to read Xianxia novels. Therefore, he dreamed of entering the world of Xianxia one day and riding the wind here! Therefore, the first game I designed was a Xianxia world. However, this world is not complete yet, but I will complete it one day. I will help everyone realize their Xianxia dream and let them truly enter the world of Xianxia to swim! When Dad succeeds in his research, I will be the first to bring you in…”

“Grandpa, Grandma, why isn’t Dad back after so long?”

“Grandpa, why is Grandma crying?”

“Now the promising model and that equipment have become worthless trash!”

“It’s not trash. That’s my father’s hard work and dream! One day, I’ll fulfill his unfinished dream!”

“Little Yu, your father is already dead. He can’t come back!”

“No, he’s not dead. His consciousness must still be in that world. His consciousness might exist in some sort of information and data. I’ll definitely find him one day!”

“Little Yu, this technology can’t be achieved at all. What really allows one’s consciousness to enter the virtual world is impossible to achieve. It’s only a beautiful scientific illusion. Don’t waste your time on this anymore!”

“No, I will achieve it. I will succeed!”

“Our experiment was successful this time. Our company’s technology is the best in the world. Everyone must be confident. We will definitely be the best in this field in the future. We can definitely start a new era in the future!”

“This is great. It’s a success. I’ve finally repaired the data. I’ll make this virtual world my father created work again!”

“Little Yu, I didn’t expect that only the two of us would be left. If you want to resign too, tell me. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!”

“I won’t leave. I’ve said it before. This is your dream, and it’s also my dream. I believe that you will succeed! You will definitely break through the technological barrier and invent a truly stable and reliable brain-machine to realize true virtual reality!”

“Little Yu, good news. We obtained 50 million in investment from Angel Capital today. We can continue our research!”

“It worked. This is great. We finally did it! We created the future!”

“The market valuation of Great Yu Technology has increased by 500 times!”

“President Li, our internal test was a success. Our Oasis will definitely become a virtual reality game that’s popular all over the world!”

“President Li, is this a new game?”

“No, this is my father’s dream. I’ll repair this one next!”

“Dad, wait for me. I’ll find you!”

“President Li, I hope you don’t mind some things. There are still hidden safety risks in your father’s game. You shouldn’t take this risk. What if…”

“There’s no ‘what if.’ Don’t worry, I know what to do. There won’t be a problem!”

Countless information surged into Li Yu’s mind, and countless memory fragments slowly pieced together into clear memories.

A storm seemed to stir in Li Yu’s heart, and countless perceptions instantly collapsed as if a beautiful dream had been awakened.

However, his heart was filled with joy. He was like a person who had lost his memory and found his way home.

The complicated emotions made Li Yu feel as if he had split personality in an instant. However, when everything returned to calm and all his memories were digested…

Li Yu became abnormally calm, and there were no ripples in his heart.

As he had suspected previously, this was not a real world. To be precise, this was a game, a virtual world developed by his father in the past.

Of course, this world was already worlds apart from the past.

His father had developed this game that surpassed the times, but an accident occurred during the game test.

His consciousness would stay in the game forever. It might even be deleted and destroyed by the system malfunction. It could no longer be found by the system or the brain-machine.

In the end, he was pronounced dead by the doctor.

However, Li Yu always believed that his father’s consciousness must still be in the game, so he believed that he would find his father’s consciousness in the future. He might have a way to revive his father in another special way in the future.

For this reason, Li Yu became a person like his father, spending all his youth and time in the virtual reality business connected by the brain-machine.

In the end, he completed his father’s unfinished dream and truly realized this great technology, ushering in a new era.

When his career was successful, Li Yu began to repair the game his father had developed back then and used the existing technology to perfect the game and the equipment it used.

However, in order not to destroy the consciousness and relevant data his father had left in the game, he did not dare to make too many adjustments to the game’s program. Therefore, the game itself still had some hidden dangers.

Li Yu was bent on finding his father. Therefore, after perfecting and fixing the bugs in the program as much as possible, he chose to enter the game to find his father.

In the beginning, he entered and left the game smoothly without any danger. However, as he continued to venture deeper into the game world and explore every corner of it,

in the end, he got lost in the game due to a bug in the game. He could not find a way to leave the game world, and his consciousness could not log out.

When Li Yu realized this, he did not regret or fear because he wanted to find his father.

He also believed that he would repair the program’s flaws in the game and find a way to leave this place again.

However, later on, he could not remember what had happened, causing him to lose many memories. In the end, he even mistakenly thought that he had transmigrated here. He even forgot his original intention and forgot who he was.

Li Yu did not know how long he had stayed in this game world, nor did he know how long had passed in the outside world. He did not know if his body was like his father’s and had long turned into a pile of yellow soil.

Looking at the vast starry sky and universe in front of him, he recalled everything he had experienced here, the people he had encountered, and those things. Li Yu kept feeling that this was a real-world that existed on a different plane.

It was just that the game his father developed back then happened to establish a connection with this world.

Otherwise, if this was really just a game, the intelligence of every NPC character was probably enough to subvert the AI technology level of a human world.

However, if this was not the game world, where was it?

Was it really a world of cultivation civilization?

If this was not the game world, why would he see the binary data flow? Why would he see his father’s previous game save in the Heroic Spirit Temple?

Clearly, when he finally crossed a mountain, he realized that there was another mountain in front of him.

There were many things that he could not understand completely. It was just like how Newton, who discovered gravity back then, could not explain the nature of gravity and understand why it existed.

Li Yu did not want to think further. After all, he still had a lot to think about.

For example, the existence of the system and the Heavenly Dao Rankings!

According to his memories, there was no such thing as the Heavenly Dao Rankings in this game. His father had only designed a God Rankings back then.

Not to mention that system that was comparable to a super cheat!

Did someone design the system for me?

Li Yu suddenly understood that someone seemed to be helping him in the unseen world and guiding him to find those broken consciousness and memories.

Who could this person be?

I have no children and am alone. My grandparents have long passed away. Are they from my company? Are they trying their best to save my consciousness from the game?

Li Yu guessed.

However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Li Yu’s ear. It was a voice he was extremely familiar with. “There’s a reaction. President Li’s brainwaves are reacting!”