Chapter 5794: Worlds’ Karma  

Emperors imagined the six continents falling on them - something rather difficult to survive. In this case, the number was far higher. fr(e)ewebnovel

Imagine the calamity of the past with its devastating casualties. Countless imperial-level characters met their demise.

The collapse of three thousand worlds within the domain possessed a higher level of destruction - leaving behind a realm of death buried with the remains of the falling worlds.

None dared to enter the domain because it meant certain death. They wouldn’t even have time to react before exploding to nothingness. The few powerful survivors would be overwhelmed with despair after seeing the death of the worlds.

However, primordial rays emanated from the point of impact, bringing hope and light to guide the hypothetical survivors.

“He’s alive, completely unharmed.” The People’s members heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye surrounded by primordial light. Of course, they also knew that this couldn’t kill Li Qiye. Otherwise, he would have been dead long ago. It’s just that the spectacle and destruction earlier were astounding.


“Not enough to kill me.” Li Qiye smiled while floating upward.

“The destruction of three thousand worlds, this is both cause and effect.” Jiao Heng laughed and said.

Screams and roars filled with despair, anger, and unwillingness erupted from the ashes. A karmic cycle started with all the rage, culminating in a black tsunami.

The liquid was thick and dense, looking alive and morphing negative emotions into a fatal darkness.

The dark force considered anything living a sin regardless of whether they were from the light or dark affinity. It then turned into the most frightening karmic curse, aiming straight at Li Qiye. Dark hands from the tides grabbed his legs, wanting to drag him down.

“Boom!” He sent the tides in the other direction with one hand wave.


However, the karmic force didn’t give up. The stronger the target, the more intense its hatred and despair. Therefore, the next waves became ten times, one hundred times, a thousand times stronger... The relentless onslaught left the spectators pale with dread. Just the darkness alone was frightening enough, let alone a karmic darkness.

“Who can hide from karma?” Someone murmured.

There was no defeating this cosmic force. Moreover, they had their own karma and had spent their lives trying to mitigate the retribution effect. When both of these things met, it would be the end of them. Not even an immortal armament could block this deadly affinity.

“Boom!” The darkness exploded after fully enveloping Li Qiye.

Rays emanated from Li Qiye but not of the primordial affinity this time but rather, from his dao heart.

The domain became suppressed - nothing could move an inch. Li Qiye didn’t need to control this new force. As long as his dao heart was around, karma became ephemeral.


The negative karmic cycle became suppressed and passed by like fleeting clouds. His radiant dao heart then unleashed an unwavering force and crushed it into oblivion.

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